November 2, 2012


A friend commissioned a new crochet piece. Since the wave of babies seems to be ebbing, I took the chance to make something new. The idea was this: Spock-topus. So I figured, use the same general pattern for the Socktopus, but make it spock. Duh.

Sketch idea.
"They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales."

Structurally this was not a hard thing to wrap my mind about. I used a circle pattern for the head, starting in the beige skin tone, stopped at 50 stitches and then continued down for about 16 rows. Then I switched to black (doing the first row of black in back loops only to get a clean line) for the neck of the shirt that he wears and then switched to the blue to finish off the head/body shape.

To do the hair I simply did the same circle pattern to 50 stitches, but with a hook one half size larger than the original hook to make this shape fit snugly over the bald head. After about 6 rows of hair I stopped and did 30 stitches back and forth, turning at the end of the rows to get the hairline to go down for the back of the head but not the front. Once I sewed the hair onto the head at the hairline I used more black thread to add the pointed sideburns that he is famous for. 

I used a simple leaf pattern, but in the skin tone to get his pointed ears. I then sewed these to the sides behind the sideburns of hair. I added some emboridered spock eyebrows and used a set of black safety eyes. I also added a small mouth. Thought about making him smile or have a chibi sort of look, but it is Spock and I wanted to give him some dignity. I also embroidered him his badge in yellow and silver yarn, because what officer would be without his badge?

Finished head/body

"What is Kiri-kin-tha's first law of metaphysics? Nothing Unreal Exists. Correct."

At this point he looked kind of like a giant Spock-bean or Lego head. Kind of like him that way actually, but she said -topus so the legs were next. The eight legs are 12 stitches in a round completed to a length I liked. Done! Fun, pretty fast, and easy.

"I have, and always shall be, your friend."

Total time: 8-10 hours