February 1, 2013

30DC-MG: Day 20: Satyr

Watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 the other night. Mainly watched Fantastia because I had last watched it as a young kid and wanted to see if there was anything new that I might get being older. I did a good job of recalling all the images and songs. Fantasia 2000 was laughable. Especially since they got different stars to do the narration. I liked the closing piece to Firebird (a piece of music I am pretty familiar with since it was Nolan's Band piece this year) but I did feel like it was a touch like ripping off a certain Studio Ghibli film...

Anyway, what if a Satyr sucked at music and couldn't play those silly pan flutes? Guess if it was a girl she would try like mad to make it work to fit in. Course she should just go find some other instrument and rock their sock off. (Hmm, should have drawn a satyr girl with an electric guitar and giant amp..)