February 4, 2013

Crazy Rufio Spikes

I like to make things for new additions. Makes me feel like I did something a little more than just go get something off a shelf, that maybe only I can do.

So when I see people looking on Etsy for crocheted items, I feel like I have to step in and save them the exorbitant prices that some people charge for a few hours of time and yarn.

So this couple has a thing for silly hats and thought it might be cute to take pics of their newborn girl in a hat of her own. I offered my services. They have these two hats:

They are so darn cute together it makes me nauseous. :P
I thought it might be cute to try to merge the hats... and Rufio's hair from Hook is what came into mind... in rainbow colors it might be even crazier and awesome.

Made a basic beanie following this basic pattern and after learning about the generic measurements for baby heads. After finishing it, I still feel like it is too big, but maybe she can grow into it and they can take a silly Christmas picture with all of their hats or something.

Beanie with braids, sans mohawks.
I switched colors every 5 rows, which I feel now was a mistake since I was trying to get all the colors into pink on the hat, but then it would have been way too long. The purple row is the brim and is one double crochet row, rather than two single crochet. As it is, it might be too long and too wide. Guess I should have gotten a babydoll to try it on or something.
Top mohawk has longer pieces and matches the color rows. Shorter ones are slightly offset color wise.

Maybe I should have made the three farther apart...
Gave it dangly braids kind of like theirs have, and made three mo-hawks on top for the spikes.
Cute, if a bit ridiculous I think. Best part is that I used leftovers of other yarn I had lying about and only about 8 hours of time to save them $40 or so; heck yes.