February 2, 2013

Hourly Comics February 1, 2013

Hourly Comics.
So I guess it is always the first of February, and I have seen it the last few years, but this is my first time giving it a go.

Things I have realized:
1. I draw myself slightly differently every time it seems.
2. If I am going to keep doing this I am going to have to work smaller, and less detailed.

While I was at home I bothered to try to block out some panels...

I look a bit like Anne Burrell until I comb my hair.
in case you can't read it, first panel says: you could make a cat out of all the dog hair.

Perspective is hard. Might help if I used some guidelines, but meh.

That German torture art was cool... they also had one showing a witch being dunked in a lake in a cage.
My dog is the best dog. Also, I'm breaking in a pair of hiking boots, so that's good.
Song is: Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee
These were like I mentioned, done on the floor in a gym and at a bar... My husband's students are all pretty great.
Aaaand back where I started.

Now time for a nap, or I am going to be useless for the baby shower and party later today...