January 17, 2014

Hats and Masks Pt 2

I did not anticipate a part 2, to my last post, but here it is anyway.

The self made IronMan mask part, as I suspected, did not really fit right. So, instead I made a second knight hat in the colors of Iron Man with input from the recipient. As I mentioned before, this Sir Knight hat pattern is really fast and having done it once before, albeit a larger size, meant that I only needed to glance at the pattern. This hat took about 4 hours total.

It is a child size, with a red base, gold blade, gold mask with red vents. I also added on the Iron Man ear things from that helmet, but since they sit about the place the buttons to attach the mask should be, I sewed them down in place and attached the button through both the round ears and into the hat. It should fit much better, even though I'm not sure it looks like IronMan at all now.

After this hat was done, they loved it. I then set about using the base of the Sir Knight pattern another time, but that will be next post since it is kind of long... It is a viking hat!