January 6, 2014

Tiny Planes

Now that my friends have kids, I get to start going to their birthday parties. Which is a little odd when you arrive to a house full of toddlers and their parents without one of your own. Anyway.

Sarah the plane has two kids, who I have already made monkeys for, but since her little girl was turning one I decided to make her a little plane of her own.

I used this Amigurumi plane pattern by Marika Uustare.

The pattern is short and sweet and took me about 2 hours total to make. That in itself is amazingly cool. I loved how the face is integrated into the pattern and not just sewn on to the body after. That face part was the only bit that gave me a little trouble. I was not sure which direction to move once attaching the white yarn to the round before, so that there were more stitches on one side of the face than the other. In later rounds you make up for that by decreasing on one side and not the other. On this first plane I think I got it wrong and decreased on the already short side. However, in the end it didn't really show since I stuffed it firm.

Keira the Plane
I used a variegated yarn I had lying around and a matching shade of blue for the nose cone. I think it matched too closely though since you can't really tell that there is also a stripe of blue on the left wing.

Since I figured it might not be cool to see both your mom and sis with a cool crochet plane, I also made a second one for her older brother, who is 2, so everyone can play.

Tristan the Plane
That is the same light blue nose cone as his sisters, but the stripe shows up much better against the dark blue body. This time I was careful to make sure the decreasing was on the same side as the more stitches from the face round and I think it made the tail stand up in the right way better in the end.

Overall, great pattern. Fast, easy, good for scrap yarn consumption.
Total time for each was 2 hours.