February 16, 2015

This Little Piggie

Rounding out the posts on Christmas presents is this little piggie. The pattern is a free one from Lion Brand. Works up quick and easy. I used leftover yarn I had on hand. The light pink is Bernat Satin and the dark pink WithLove in Boysenberry.

There isn't much to say about this piece. It is a good base pattern to make just about any creature simply buy changing the colors and details. You don't need a lot of either color of yarn, so those leftover skeins can be put to good use.

I used 12mm eyes, as those are what my local store carry. After putting the eyes, tail, ears and snout on, it was pretty cute just as a pig-ball.
curly butt tail

Pig Ball Face
 I added the legs and this piggie was done.

Finished Cutie

Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy