June 13, 2012

Avatars are Awesome

UPDATE 6: Powerpuff Girls are getting remade... of course they had a "powerpuff yourself" site, and naturally, purple is a hair color option but not blue, so I took to Photoshop to edit mine.

UPDATE 5: The Peanuts Movie is coming out soon, so I used their website generator to "Get Peanutized". These things never get old. So much fun.

UPDATE 4: Anime yourself

UPDATE 3: New Adventure Time avatar game: Adventure Time Princess Maker
Guess she isn't too princess-y... 

UPDATE 2: Found my saved Scott Pilgrim avatar from their website for the movie.

UPDATE: Found a bakaneko creator!! Super fun = New avatar
Just thought I would put up a little post today about something super fun for all those mathmatical Adventure Time fans! Follow this link to play with an adventure time flash character creator.
Adventure Time Character Creator by Eladrin Girl
Here is mine:

And in case you are also a MLP:FIM fan like I am, here is a good pony creator!
Pony Creator by General Zoi
And my pony...
Next comic is Nedroid Picture Diaries, but that will be for Friday...