June 15, 2012

Nedroid Picture Diary Fan Art

Nedroid Picture Diary by Anthony Clark

Favorites: Mosquitos, Bartholomew, Tacos, Pizza, pretty much all of them...

Follows Reginald and Beartato (rhymes with potato) and their life, adventures and friends. If you looked at my favorites you can tell that it is quite silly. Anthony is a joy to follow on twitter and tumblr because we get to see all the other cool stuff that he works on. His coloring skills are amazing! You cant really tell from these comics but he does some amazing things with light in photoshop. I also love to see all the cool wizards he draws.

Ok here is the doodle:
Fun times... drew in graphite, inked with a black marker, scanned into illustrator, converted to line art, pulled into photoshop, layers of color and panels beneath the lines, saved to jpg. Fact: I had three different comics all thought out... this one is different than the rest.. perhaps I will draw Reginald and Beartato in the Halloween costumes I picked out for them (of a Pizza Slice and Hamburger (respectively)) at some time in the future.