June 18, 2012

Fish Hats Everywhere!

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I was working on a new crochet project. Little did I know that that one project would balloon so out of control!

I have these good friends who are crafty and just a little bit weird like me, so I thought it might be fun to make them a wedding present, rather than just buy something. They like camping and the outdoors and I thought what more fun than to make them something to wear on those cold nights.

Fish Hats by Knitty
I had seen this pattern a long time ago, but I have forgotten how to knit and love crochet too much to switch back, so although I had the pattern, I never made any.

So I set about looking for a new pattern, but in crochet. I found this Fish Hat pattern by Angels Chest on Etsy and loved it because not only was it colorful and cute, but the shell stitch really got the look of fish scales. I also really loved that the pattern was fully photographed and had the full pattern written out in every size I could think of! Handy for people who hate doing math. It is also written in rounds so that I don't have to sew anything on but the three body fins and eyes. Great for beginners too; uses slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. I have now made 5 fish hats from this pattern. The hardest part is the front head area and that is the only part of the pattern I do not have memorized now.

This girly hat was made for my sister in laws 7th birthday. Made in bright colors for the girliest of princesses. Used a variegated yarn to bring together the different colors. This hat was made from the 5T to Preteen size. This hat's eyes are black 6mm safety eyes since I had some lying around. They were very hard to get through the layers of yarn so I did not use them again.

I think it was a hit. Everyone was shouting "It's eating her head!"

These two are the ones off to the weird friends I mentioned before. I used girly, but less girly colors, for the wife to be and a very masculine green blue and brown variegated yarn for the husbands. The wife's is adult size small and the husbands is adult size large. I was really happy when my own husband tried it on and it fit him perfectly! Since these are my weird friends, I had to make the fish be dead.

These last two are the unexpected pair... I was working on the wife's hat while getting my hair dyed, which takes a long time, and the stylist saw what I was working on and commissioned two more from me for her grandkids. I couldn't say no. Her grandson is big into Spider-man and she asked his to be in those colors... I took it a bit farther and did the whole body in red, the butt in blue and then added the black lips, crocheted half moon shapes and outlined them in black for eyes and then used a combination of single crochet and slip stitches to attach the web lines across the whole thing. I'm actually really proud of that one. The lines were the hardest part. Both of these are also in the 5T to Preteen size. The girl's one she asked to be in pink, purple and yellow. So I used two different yellows I had and a variegated yarn with similar colors again. Of course for a young girl I thought I couldn't have dead eyes, so she got lashes and black circles.

My husband still wants one of his own, so I will be making at least one more fish hat. After that I have this really cool idea for my own hat. Excuse the horrid picture of the doodle, but you should be able to get the drift. I am very excited and it will loosely be based off this pattern.