October 5, 2012

30DC-MG: Day 3: Slime

30 Day Monster Girl continues...

Day 3: Slime

Looked at a lot of pictures of Slimer. Gak. Mucus. If I was a slime girl, I'd be lazy. So I'd need some sort of transportation. Thought about the enchanted bathtub that Lock Stock and Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas had and thought that might be perfect.

I wanted the tub to feel like a dog, happy to sit and play in the goop for her amusement. Made the faucet long like a tail too. I imagine it might wag about too, since it isn't hooked up to any water or anything. Just a loose faucet in the holes it is set into.

But that would get boring fast and a slouchy pose suits a slime girl.


Today I remembered I had another idea for a slime girl. Not made of slime, but excretes it. So a slug girl. So here is a second doodle for today. :)