October 22, 2012

30DC-MG: Day 7: Plant

This one was fun to do. Not sure why I thought "plant girl... plant princess" but there it was and then the idea for a punky sort of princess with a bird of paradise hair do. She's a little tough, a little rocker, a little warrior princess sort of vibe with the gladiator boots. She has a one shoulder sarong on with the leaf hugging her curves attached by plant magic and a belt. I imagine the back of her outfit shows a lot of bare back. I kind of wanted her to have a robin hood- peter pan kind of vibe too. I guess that's the tough and laid back attitude. Since it is Halloween soon, I gave her a sidekick patsy of a Pumpkin Seed dude. His seed body has some roots out for his arms and legs outside of his shell.
So much fun that I might do the rest as AT princesses... though there already is a Slime Princess.