October 3, 2012

Football Season... Woohoo?

Yeah so it's that time of year again. My husband, now being the moderator for the boys-only-noise-patrol-for-the-football-team aka the Norsemen, has to go to every school football game. Meaning if I want to see my husband before 2am the next day, I have to go to the games on friday night too. I draw the line at away games, but home games, ok. At least I am now at most 15 min from the school and can leave when I want to.

BUT, if I have to sit in bleachers for 5+ hours, I am for sure doing it in comfort of some kind.

So I decided in the interest of saving my back and butt, I would splurge on one of those bleacher chairs with the back and squishy butt. Found one at the local Academy Sports Store. Of course the back had their logo plastered across in in huge letters. Awful. Can't be seen with that.

So I fished through my husbands drawers looking for a solution. It presented itself in the form of a t-shirt for the school that he doesn't wear.

The t-shirt to be used.
I laid it over the back to make sure it was big enough. Yup! Then I made three cuts through both front and back of the shirt. One just under the neck from sleeve to sleeve and one down each side to trim off the excess. I was careful to center the t-shirt design because I wanted to keep it on the back side. of the seat. I turned the pieces inside out and marked with pins where to sew.

Three straight lines of sewing later, courtesy of my not-a-toy mini sewing machine, and I had a slip cover for over the top of the back. I flipped it back right side out. Since the t-shirt had a little stretch to it, it fit nice and snug over the back of the seat. I then took it off and proceeded to do a little doodling.

My name, the viking logo for the school team and a totoro of course and now it is MINE.

I added some industrial strength sticky back velcro dots to the bottom of the shirt to keep it on there snug, but I doubt I really needed that to keep it on there. And now I realize I ought to have made one side a little longer to wrap around the bottom and velcro to the outside, but oh well.  Still very happy, and I can always make another. :)

Total completion time: 30 minutes.
Difficulty: Easy