September 29, 2014

Fall Sugar Pecans

Not crochet, I know... but I make these Sugar Coated Pecans pretty much every fall. They don't last very long because they are so addictive. I often give some as gifts as well. With it officially being fall I thought I would share my secret ingredients with you...

After 30 minutes.
 The secret is that I add two extra ingredients to the sugar mix: Ground Clove and Ground Ginger!
The extra spices give a great depth of flavor and add a bit of warmth to the taste. I'd say I put 1/4 teaspoon of the clove, and 1/8 of the ginger... I do make a double batch when I make these since Sam's sells a 2 pound bag.

Let me know if you try them out. They are so easy and dear lord do they make your house smell awesome. As the person making em too you get to have one... or several... during that cooldown phase where they are just a little bit warm. Gotta make sure they aren't bad, right?

Ok, back crochet.