September 5, 2014

Scrapped - Granny Square Shawl

So I have a little over two skeins of the Weekend DK teal blue and maybe half a skein of the ToshDK stargazing left over from my open air shrug and Otachi respectively.

Since they are both the same weight and gorgeous together I wanted to make something with them. I feel like I might not really wear that shrug since I'm not comfortable with the way it fits, so I figured a shawl might be a nice idea for the rest of the yarn. I looked around and for some reason a lot of the shawl patterns I was looking at called for an N13 or 9.00mm hook, which I don't have one of. So instead I decided to try out this Triangle Granny Square shawl/scarf by Esther of Happy in Red.

I have made a few granny squares in the past and so had a pretty good idea of what to do. This isn't so much a pattern as a pattern. Like repeating idea pattern until you have the size you want and decide to be done. That is good cause then I could just stop when I am out of yarn.

The stargazing is such a dark color, but very pretty so I wanted it to be the edging. I figured maybe I could fade the light blue into it. So I figured I would do most of the rows in the light color, then when I get about half way into it (based on holding it up to my body and the amount of yarn left), I would started alternating colors like: one dark, three light, one dark, two light, two dark, one light, three dark...

After that I would start on the edging. I decided to do this Arc Lace edging. I picked it because it was both pretty and could be worked directly on to the edge of my giant granny triangle with a minimal amount of misery. I followed the instructions for crocheting it directly on. Each arch is worked completely and then continues in the same way you were going. I figured I would start at one outside corner and worked it towards the point of the triangle, then continued back up the other side. At the center point I might have to make something up if it did not end exactly for another full set of the 15 stitches for the foundation of an arc.

I got this far into the shawl and decided to stop and rip it out.

It was just too boring, simple and normal for such pretty yarn. I could do this with any yarn I had on hand, and I might later, but I thought it might be fun to do something cooler with such good yarn.

Of course I went to Etsy and found a crocodile stitch shrug pattern that I liked instead. So, next post will most likely be a review of that shrug instead. I still might do the rows of colors in that pattern too, but we will see how I feel about it.