September 22, 2014

Presents for Mom

My mom's birthday is this month and I feel like it is always a little nicer to make something than go buy something... While I was in the store looking at the yarns she called and I was able to have her look up the colors online to pick what she liked best from my in-store selection. We went with Vanna's Choice in Barley. I got two skeins and had her look online for patterns she liked.

She asked me to make her this "bracelet" she saw on the Better Homes website. It is basically a super long chain with a slip stitch and I took all of 35 minutes or so to make. Found a pearl-shine button to go with the Paton's brand variegated sock yarn I used. The pattern called for sport weight, but all I have is baby yarn in that weight, which really didn't match the hat I planned to make.
Bracelet with button. It's 72" long, so can be a necklace too :)

Speaking of the hat... The first hat I ever made her is a bit wonky when on, and the cupcake hat, though cute, is not really an everyday style. I did also send her a cherry for on top of that cupcake too though...
A cherry. Don't choke.
I asked her to look around the web for some hats she liked and patterns and she came back with quite a few. Since I have a lot of yarn, I decided to make two from the list she sent.

Mod Lace Hat
The first, Mod Lace Hat by Lion Brand, I made in roughly 2 hours. I used what I think is Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in a lime green color, as requested to match a ski jacket. I used a J hook which is actually larger than what is suggested, but I measured that to the gauge and was happy with the result.

I was a little confused that this started at the brim and worked its way to the crown. After completing it, I guess it was ok that way, but I tend to chain very tightly which made the brim pretty tight. Only difficult part was making sure I turned the work right at the end of each row. That makes it so that the fan shapes are staggered. I found that the hard when when my first set of rows 5-8 had both fans lined up right on top of one another... but once I got it figured out and redone it was pretty easy to keep going around. Pretty cute and, oh my goodness, so fast to work up!

modified Mom Beanie
The second, The Stage Mom Beanie, took about 4 hours to make. This is the one I had planned to match with the bracelet. I decided to go with this pattern since it was one of the few that actually used the same type of yarn that I bought, and a hook that I had on hand. (I don't own any hooks larger than the J hook and some patterns called for a super thick yarn and an M hook.) I finished the pattern and after putting it on, decided that it was a bit short. I called her up and we decided to add two more regular rows and then a brim. The brim is simply 4 more rows of sc around but using the front loops only to get the horizontal ribbing.

Flower detail
We agreed that the flower on the pattern was a bit large, so I made a basic flower from some super thick creamy ivory yarn, and a J hook, I had on hand. I then used the rest of the buttons from the bracelet to add a bit of shine to the center of the flower. Lovely!

I made all of these items over a normal 2 day weekend, so these are all great quick projects. I hope I can see a few pictures of them in action when winter rolls around.
Happy Birthday Mom! Love ya!