August 17, 2015

Third Jumping Monkey

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed... I hope none fall off and bump their head... Think she's got her hands full with three monkeys as it is, without needing to go see a medical professional.

Same pattern as the last two times... but it has been a while since I've made it. As before the sex will go unknown until birth so this time I went with Red Heart Soft in chocolate for the body. Used some leftover tan for the ears and face, and gave it a striped yellow and white shirt. Again, easily modified, if it should be a girl.

It was refreshing to work from a pattern again. Making stuff up is hard, writing it down as you go along is harder. Pattern calls for a 3mm hook, but I don't think I used that small either of the last times. For this one I used a 4mm hook, which is really too small for the yarn, but it certainly made for a nice tight fabric.

Once again I had some trouble with the snout area, so this time I wrote the oval shape out as I liked. I've also run out of larger safety eyes, so these are buttons, which I do not recommend using for small children, but whatcha gonna do.

Time to complete: about 8 hours
Finished Size: 11" tall
Difficulty: Easy