April 20, 2012

30DC: Day 11: Turning Point

Another tough one. I could say when I moved to Texas in 1999, or when I met my future husband that same year. I could say when I moved on from my school days by graduating from UD in 2007.  I could say when I got a job and decided that Graphic Design might just be able to allow me to live the way I wanted. I could say when I got married, but that would be a half truth since I don't think marriage did much other than tell everyone else what we already knew for 10 years: that we were going to be together forever. I could say when I got a dog. (Most people wouldn't consider it a turning point/ life changing event, but for someone who had never had pets or something to really look after, it was for me.)

More like it is all of those things. I think I can my call my turning point that period of my life between 2007 and 2010. Those years I went from being a bit of a scatterbrained art student to a working somewhat-more-organized wife.

I also said goodbye to my studio art days. I do miss those long nights in buildings full of potential. Messing with clay, mixing glazes, etching plates, applying ink, exposing images... I also kind of miss studying art history. I keep saying to myself that I should go and reread all my art history books, but I don't have much time and day to day life gets in the way.

These 30 days are a little way to get back to at least holding a pencil and drawing on some paper. Maybe I can reclaim a bit of lost creativity.

Hopefully if I keep moving forward, I will be able in the future to once again have a studio to work, create, fail and succeed in... along with all those other things that make my current situation wonderful.