April 18, 2012

30DC: Day 9: Favorite TV Show

I think by now, you should all know plenty about my love of Adventure Time, so rather than populate the entire 30 days by drawing AT characters, I decided to do another show that I really like.

If you don't know, the premise of the show is that four chefs cook an appetizer, entree and dessert and each round has its own basket of mystery ingredients that must be incorporated in some way. They are judged on presentation, taste and creativity. Right now they are doing an All Stars where the first episode was four of the Iron Chefs competing. Pretty awesome stuff came out even though the ingredients are always tricky to say the least. Did I mention it has Ted Allen? He's like Alton Brown and Tim Gunn: a little snarky, very intelligent.

Some good examples: (appetizer = a, entree = e, dessert = d)
Teething Biscuts, Hungarian Hot Peppers, Raspberries, Canned Haggis (e)
Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Bison Sirloin Steaks, Spinach, Italian Hot Peppers (e)
Cosmopolitan Mix, Dried Apples, Biscotti, Edible Flowers (d)
Smoked Mozzarella, Fresh Pasta Sheets, Rainier Cherries, Hot Dogs (a)
Leftover Pizza, Leftover Beer, Graffiti Eggplant, Dried Plums (e)
Black Bass, Raspberry Lavender Rissotto, Savoy Cabbage, Caul Fat (e)
Amber Ale, Salmon Fillets, Frisee, Kantola (a)
Bloody Mary Mix, Chicken Steak, Seedless Green Grapes, Cashews (e)
Fresh Pasta Sheets, Plum Tomatoes, Basil, White Chocolate (d!! especially vicious I think)
it goes on and on...

Chopped, Food Network (FIOS 164), Tuesdays @9pm CST