April 30, 2012

30DC: Day 17: Favorite Plant

As you might have guessed from Day 7, I like plants very much. A favorite plant is kind of difficult for me to pick as I like most for different reasons. I love my citronella plant for keeping bugs away. I love tomato plants because they cough up delicious food. But I think the most used plant I own and the one that I consistently grow every year is: Basil!

But there is a sure fire way to make any plant my favorite though... Googly Eyes. Watch this, if you have not already seen it: Man Who is Afraid of Plants.
Not only does Basil smell great, but I use it in almost everything I cook, since I am Italian. Pesto, seasonings, red sauce, caprese salad, flavored olive oil, etc... Plus it is kind of hard to kill.