April 2, 2012


Adventure Time is awesome and inspiring; lets just accept that as fact.

Been working on these for a while, but only now got around to photographing them. Lady Rainicorn is one of my favorite characters, and with a wonderful selection of colorful yarn at my local store it was only a matter of time before I had enough colors to tackle her. I had first thought to simply crochet an amigurumi plush toy, but then I thought a scarf might be more appropriate and not to mention easy.

It was simple to just crochet color rows, changing colors at the end of each row in accordance with her colors from a image I found online. I whipped up a few legs (2sc, chain 1, turn) following her color scheme and a head. Made a horn by decreasing a ring of 6 to one, and then painstakingly threaded light yellow yarn for a mane and tail. She was such fun, and I had so much orangey yellow yarn left over that I thought to make a companion scarf for my hubby as Jake the Dog.

Jake is still a work in progress but I shall try to finish him tonight during the NEW episode! One thing to note is that these scarves are really really long, but not very wide... Perhaps I could slip stitch them together at some point. Hrmmmm. Once they are both done, they will get felt eyes.

I think they will look very cute together. And for super cold days, you could wear them both together and their snuggling could keep you very warm indeed.