April 25, 2012

30DC: Day 14: Favorite Fairytale

Guess I will have to say... Beauty and the Beast. Never really read any and only been familiar with the movies, but I liked how everyone thought she was strange for reading. I could relate. Decided to take it to my own past a bit when I drew it. I also thought it might be fun to make the Beast a bit more timid.

A teacher at Ursuline Academy of Dallas emailed me last year for permission to slightly alter and use this image for a student play. I was honored to be asked and of course gave my blessing. I have heard back and wanted to share:
Ursuline's design for their t-shirts for the play.
    "[the play] went well Angela, thank you.  Very little modification of your image was done.  We put an Ursuline-style skirt and saddle oxfords on her... We met our sales quota and made enough to send $1000 to our friends in Kenya, The St. Catherine’s Nangina Girls’ School.  Two orphans will continue their education for another year.  Sister Anne expressed great gratitude and prayed God’s blessings upon us."
I am so happy that something I made as just a doodle was able to help out other students both here and abroad.