April 26, 2012

30DC: Day 15: Family Picture

Today's prompt was hard again... jeeze... this thing really is a "challenge"!

Drawing my family is tough. We are no longer all in the same place... I stayed, everyone else moved! I'm in what I consider our families' home in DFW, my younger brother and sister are in Houston and my parents are in Tennessee. So I had no pictures of us all to use for reference. Instead I decided to kind of take a little liberties and make up something a little silly with just me and my siblings.

My sister started this phrase, not sure when or how, but she just one day squealed "LOOK AT IT" and held her little dog, Minky, up to the phone in Facetime. It stuck with me and always makes me laugh. Looking through my old photos trying to find the screenshot of this occasion I also found an image of my sister trying to pick up my 60lb dog in the same way and I thought it would be hilarious if I had tried to do the same thing to her with my pup. And recently my brother has acquired a scooter! He has been working on for a while now and it is finally finished, so he has mentioned how cool it is and fun to drive every time I talk to him recently. This scene formed in my mind out of all of that.

It was really hard to caricature my siblings in the same way that I have come to feel comfortable drawing myself... I hope they don't get insulted by the results. :)  I like it anyway...

Miss you!