April 27, 2012

30DC: Day 16: Inspiration

Halfway though now. Woot!

Inspiration has many names, mine is named Collette!... oh wait, that's Ratatouille. :P

Guess mine would be a blank piece of paper, but that would make for a pretty boring image today, so instead I went with something that always inspires me to draw: Getting new pencils/markers/erasers/supplies.

In case anyone is interested... I use a spiral bound sketchbook with a green cover... pretty sure its a thicker archival quality paper inside. I usually sketch my doodles with a Prismacolor 6H 'chemi-sealed' pencil. Since I am poor and cannot afford the fancy inking brushes and pens that most illustrators use, I just use a plain old Sharpie pen, extra fine. I do have one Zig Millennium 005 pen, but I rarely use it since it is SO fine (meaning it has an almost microscopic tip that I really only use for detail work and things that are important).