May 1, 2012

30DC: Day 18: Just a Doodle

Well today I am at Scarborough Fair Student Day. I am chaperoning the Nolan field trip with my husband. I love to help out on this trip. I don't have to drive, pay or stay all day. It is a pretty sweet gig.

There is always one thing that I must do when I am there, and that is get some henna. As a person who is afraid of needles, a tattoo will never be able to appear on my skin, however this is a wonderful way for me to have just a little bit of adornment for a time.

I often think about what it is I would like to get before hand and decided to try my hand (hah!) at designing a henna tattoo for my hand. I often find myself drawn to the more traditional shapes and style of henna. However, I decided to make my favorite thing the focal point of this tattoo; a totoro!

Maybe one day I will learn how to do this myself and then this can become a reality, since I doubt I can explain this well enough to the lady at the fair today.