May 3, 2012

30DC: Day 20: Something Orange

If you have ever been to my home you would know that orange is one of my favorite colors. In the future I would love to have a terracotta kitchen with colorful accents. To that end a lot of the items on my wedding registry were orange. My wedding colors were orange and brown (fall wedding) and we had orange Chinese lantern flowers in the centerpieces.

The adjective "orange" could be applied to all these objects I own (and more):
Clothing                        Blankets
Trivets                           Pillows
Pots and Pans                Shoes
Strainer                         Hair clips
Toaster oven                 Glass Vases
End table                       Floral Pendant Lamp

Also, if you didn't know, this year Pantone has decided that the color of the year is Tangerine Tango. That name sounds more orange than the color looks to me, but I guess orange is becoming popular.

So choosing something to draw that is specifically orange is a bit difficult... How about the orange ground cherry and the young fox who carries it. (From Episode 18 of xxxHolic)