May 21, 2012

Johnny Wander Fan Art

OK so next on my list of web comics is Johnny Wander by Ananth and Yuko. Found this comic because I used to read Applegeeks, which Ananth also worked on. Applegeeks has gone by the wayside but had some really cool stuff going at certain points. Anyway, Johnny Wander is more like journal comics about their real life. What keeps me coming back is the charming style that Yuko has when drawing EVERYTHING! There occasionally are stories and characters like Death and Cecilia or Lucky Penny and like everything else they have a style that I love. I also follow Yuko's tumblr which is great if you like looking at pictures of dragons, Garrus or ASoIaF stuff. I should also mention that she is one half of two people who are working on a project evolving a creature called the Exquisite Beast, which is also really cool to watch. So obviously they are awesome and they do a ton of great things.

So here is a little tiny Yuko and a dragon. I too like drawing dragons, though I have not in a very long time so it was fun to do this again. I was also surprisingly terrified to add the lines for depth and shadow to the line drawing for this image. So I scanned it first without and then again after I added them, glad I did since it makes it feel more complete I think.