May 4, 2012

30DC: Day 21: Something You Want

I guess I could have said something noble, like world peace, or something practical, like a home loan with a low interest rate, or something immediate, like a sandwich. But no. 

Want to know what I want? Irrationally, uselessly, stupidly want?

A life size armor of a Mondoshawan from one of the best movies ever, The Fifth Element.
Of course I would need the key to the temple and a Multi-pass as well, but those would be minor compared to the armor.

What would I do with it you ask? After I am done taking pictures and screaming and jumping about I would probably stand it in front of the door and scare people who open it to see that! Or just have it in my hall like some people have suits of armor or big statues of lions. Or maybe I could have someone put a hinge on that giant belly and make it a fridge. Doesn't matter really, like I said its a silly thing to want.