May 23, 2012

Savage Chickens Fan Art

Today I am sharing Savage Chickens by Doug Savage with you. As one of the more popular comics I read, I should hope that you are already familiar with this one. A few of my favorites are: Meh and I Love You More, the most visited of all time are also all really good. Since "jerk" is one of the most common endearments that I use for my hubby, the latter is especially meaningful to me. The simple style is so nice and clean that the jokes stand out on their own. Also, it is always exciting to think what the next guest character might be. This comic covers subjects ranging from Star Wars, movies, and office politics, to romance, poetry and cats.

In this instance I chose to combine my love of the Chickens with another person who likes chicken, from one of my favorite movies of all time, which you should know. I knew I had to draw it as soon as I started cackling to myself just thinking about it.

As a little bit on the process of this doodle, I first traced the square size of my sticky notes (4x6) on to some blank paper to try and get a layout I liked. Then drew in the comic in pencil. Since I do not have a light board, I got my clear lap desk and put my desk lamp on the floor and traced the image from the paper onto my sticky note and then inked it in. It was not a bad process but my neck is killing me from hunching over my lap for so long.