May 16, 2012

30DC: Day 28: Anything You'd Like

Anything? Anything. I apologize in advance if you are offended. Also if you are, that's silly; everyone has a sense of humor!

My one of my drawing practicum final projects involved drawing a bunch of angel statues. I meticulously recreated the stony yet delicate expressions of sculptors who died centuries before I have ever even been thought of. Only after I finished three images (each of which took months to draw) and displayed them in a show did my professor say something that has stuck with me. "You know what would have been cool? To draw them with silly faces."

Too late then. But I haven't had a chance to do it. So I thought I might try it today. Of course I picked a day to do this when I have literally no time to spare for drawings. So that is why it is a day late.

I started off looking at images of silly faces from a Google search and found one I thought would be fun to try to draw. I had a general composition in mind and was originally thinking of a this angel I had already drawn. Thinking this might work, I placed the head to one side of my page... After getting most of the way though the face I decided I wasn't too happy with it, so I started looking for other faces to test. I found another I liked and since I had assumed these were tests before a real one on another sheet I placed it in the space next to the first. Only after I did that, did I realize there might be a connection between the two faces.

It was easy to see where it should go from there. These two, Gabriel and Mary, have been together in countless number of images already; why should they sit for all those serious paintings without doing a silly one?

PS: Thank you sooooooo much to you know who are, for giving me an awesomely amazing set of pens that made today's image possible.