May 24, 2012

Tiny Kitten Teeth Fan Art

Today we move from the clean lines and yellow color of Savage Chickens to the bright and lush world of Tiny Kitten Teeth and Tigerbuttah by Becky & Frank. I think it is best to use their words when try to explain what this comic is about:

"Tiny Kitten Teeth is a hand painted online comic... The comic follows the slice-of-life adventures of Mewsli, a fish out of water in Owltown, a compact metropolis built around a particularly affluent arts college. Every week we take a break from the story and go visit our friend Tigerbuttah, a little tiger who doesn’t know much about life yet."

Personally, I sometimes find this comic's story hard to follow, but the art style is to die for and it reminds me so much of Animal Crossing, which I LOVE. The vignettes of Tigerbuttah I really like best and so for today's doodle I decided to try my hand at one.

I decided to sketch this one out first but left it un-inked since there are no black outlines in this art style, instead the colors create the creatures! I also used what I learned when working on my doodle for Para-Ten and tried to color this image with the watercolor Photoshop brushes I made, that did not work so well so I went back to the way I normally do things... And since any excuse to draw a totoro is a good excuse to draw one, I thought it might be fun to have them interact.

UPDATE: "...we absolutely love your fan art and thanks so much for sending it to us!! It's the absolute best!!" - From an email received 9/5/12