May 7, 2012

30DC: Day 22: Something You Miss


You might like them or you might not, but at least you have someone to talk to! I only had a few jobs before my current somewhat cushy position working for my family out of my home... but I really enjoyed the people I worked with. At each job, there were only a few of us in my department, but I generally got along with everyone. Over the course of months working, awkward lunches would turn into conversations about kids, spouses, movies, music, sports, food, anything!

I might not be in contact with some of these people anymore, but I remember their names, faces and personalities. They each influenced my life as mentors, teachers, and role models (maybe some of them what I wanted to be, some what I would try to avoid).

I think it is important to surround yourself with others who will help you grow and learn and challenge yourself. Working from home, it is just me, so I try to do that through an online identity. This is part of it. Part of it is also learning and reading what other designers do. And consuming tons of art and creations by people more established and better than me. It gives me something to strive towards. I want to be like so and so.

Anyway I have rambled on enough... since I have been feeling sickly these last few days and I just realized that the drawing I did was for tomorrows post, here is an old drawing of a co-worker.

The story goes that he was changing a light bulb in a chandelier and was standing on an old chair rather than use the step stool which was shouting at him from the corner and so the chair split beneath him and he fell and broke his arm. We gave him misery for a week. As a kind of silly joke, one of my other co-workers said I should do a drawing of it and we could print them and put them all over his cube. They all knew about my doodling from simply walking past my own cube and seeing my desktop calendar. He laughed as well, since he was such a good sport.