May 25, 2012

Skipped Webcomics 1

UPDATE: Sin Titulo is now back!! See this great Comic's Alliance article for another perspective.

So the list of comics that I read is ridiculously long (I counted today, there are 96 items in my RSS) and some of them I do not think I will do fan art for and some that I simply cannot, for various reasons, do fan art for.

Since I am super busy today, going into memorial day weekend, I will share the two comics that I have thus far skipped over. I expect as I skip more in the future I will do a few more of these posts, because even though I skip drawing them, they are all good for one reason or another.

First Up: Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart
This comic is not like the rest in my reader. It is dark, scary, gritty, full of unpleasant things to think about and some stuff that I cannot quite classify. This is a story! Unlike a lot of comics, you have to read this in order, and I would even say close together in time, to maintain your understanding of what is going on. Parts of it remind me of the Sandman comics, parts of it are vaguely Sin City or the Watchmen. It has not updated in a while, but I keep it in my reader because even though I am vaguely afraid of it, I want to know what's going on! It rapidly hooks you into wanting to unravel the mystery presented to the main character. The basic plot follows a man who goes to a nursing home to pick up his grandfathers items after he passed away, along with the items he receives a lot of questions, which lead him along a dark road for answers. Check it out if you want to be confused like I am.

Secondly: Married to the Sea by Drew and Natalie of the Sharing Machine
Possibly one of the most opposite comics to Sin Titulo that I could pull out of my reader... This comic is all one offs. By that I mean they all stand alone, usually. Each and every one could almost be on a t-shirt and often are. It combines an old-style ink line drawings with snarky up-to-the-minute dialog and jargon. You have probably seen one or more at some point as they are very clever. The topics range from politics, food, internet memes, video games and life in general. Be warned, there are over 1700 comics and the first time I found them I spent a good many hours reading through them all.

Hope you at least take a look at these two.
Monday I'll be back with something (and a doodle hopefully) relating to Hark, A Vagrant!